EC S* Tassajara's Sir Murphy
Colour:n 03 Born: 14/12-05 Pedigree, Showresults, Children HCM-neg 07,
GSD IV normal

We have said for a long time (at least one of us have..) that after Warsteiner there will never be a new male here at S* Zimexis. Yeah right....
Murphy is a beerboy like his older halfbrother Warsteiner, very suiting, and you could say he has a lot to live up to. Warsteiner (though not flawless) is a very special cat in every aspect, so babybrother needs to keep the family pride up :)) This one is a wild one, Murphy seems to be everywhere all the time. He loves everyone and all the cats, selfasteam is no issue with this guy there is just no way that someone could be there for anything but him.
He is our own manny (a male nanny) and is crazy about all the kittens, he has been with them since they where born and has done everything besides nurse them.
It's a strange thing with Murphy, he has everything that Warsteiner has, somethings even more and yet he is nothing like his brother!! Still they are as close as only brothers can be, most of the times, boys will be boys.
He is now also known as a cowboy, this not in the cool way mind you. On a show he got this about his colour "..looks like a cow...", hihi.
Thank you Greta and Mymla for trusting us with yet another one of your beautiful boys!!