16/5 Congratulations to wonderful Rolex Kingston and Viggo Valentin!! The brothers became BIS neuter one day each this weeekend!! So congrats to Rolex, Viggo and Karin!! And thanks to Greta for the lovely new pictures!!!

New pictures of our handsome General Lee, 7,5 months still looking for a new home!!

Good luck to our lovelys Ofelia Amorin, Texas Ranger and Willa Mercy who has moved to their new homes in Norway and Italy!! Love you:))

31/3 New pictures of our four young ones Ofelia, Texas, Willa and Lee on their own pages and on kittens, thank you Annika for all the lovely pictures of our lovelys:)

6/3 New pictures of the kittens and friends:))

10/2 New pictures of our darlings!!!

30/1 New pictures of our lovley kittens:) And we say good bye and good luck to our darling Kenya who has moved to her new home!!

22/1 New pictures of the kittens!!

14/1 New pictures of the kittens, they are now 16 weeks and lovelier then ever!!
Our darling Zoë has moved to her new home, good luck love!!!!

30/12 So X-mas came and went. lots of snow, food, presents and all that goes with it and tomorrow is the last day of 2010 so this will be the last update for this year:)
New pictures of the kittens doing all that they do and "helping" out with the x-mas preperations:)))
So hope that y'all had a great x-mas and enjoyed the hollidays!!!

14/12 New pictures of the kittens now 11 weeks:)

6/12 New and old pictures of the kittens!! It two birds one stone this week with 9-10 week update:)
Our darling Phoebus Tristar has become DVM and we are so very proud!!! Congratulations to him and Grazyna and Monika:)
Shiva got her first two CAP and a NOM, her first as a neuter. And BIGboy Phantom Neptune got a CAPIB!!!

24/11 New pictures of our crazy/cute six little ones now 8 weeks:)
Tyler Durden has moved to his new home and we wish him and all the family the very best of luck. Bye sweetling:)

13/11 Our six sweethearts are now seven weeks so new pictures of them all, even though Kenya really didn't want to...

Showresults from last weeks show in Göteborg, Rolex and Viggo both got a new CAGPIB and Viggo got a BOV:)) Neytiri became Ex1 and BOV-TOT both days so we're very proud:)

6/11 So updates again the little ones are not so little anymore and just adorable! Now they are 6 weeks and there is new pictures of them all:)

19/10 New pictures of the six little ones!!!

11/10 New pictures of our little cuties, now 2 weeks:))

5/10 Me and the computer has been good friends so a bit late but still, showresults on the front from Borlänge and Norrköping from four Tigercubs, Viggo Valentin, Rolex Kingston, thank you Karin, Tamzin Coraline, thank you Helena, and our own Neytiri of Pandora we are sooo proud of them all:)

And new 1 week-pictures of our six little ones, Zoë, Kenya, Ofelia, Texas, Willa and Lee<3

25/9 No show today six beautiful little kittens instead!!! Welcome to Zoë Elletra, Kenya McQueen, Ofelia Amorin, Texas Ranger, Willa Mercy and General Lee<3<3

17/9 We've been too the SW show in Norway our sweetheart Neytiri <3 became Ex2 but did very well, but her norwegian family ruled the house:) Congrats to Johanne and Dumle and family!!!
We've neutered three of our girl, Shiva and Fanta has retired from the breeding and little Py won't get any babies either and so far it seems to have been a hit all of them are happy and doing great:)

8/9 Neytiri went on show all alone and our sweetheart became Ex1, BOV-tot and NOM, sweets for our sweet:)

1/9 Gorgeous Phoebus Tristar is now SUPREME CHAMPION!! Congratulations to him and his owners:))
Brothers Rolex Kingston and Viggo Valentin got two CAGPIBs each well done boys!!
Our sweet Tamzin has moved to her new home and she is doing very well, so bye sweetie<3<3 Also new pictures of Tyler, now 16 weeks!!!

21/8 New pictures of the kittens at 14 weeks!! Also their first showresults Ex1 to all of them and Neytiri also got her first NOM, well done babies:))

11/8 New pictures of the rugrats now 13 weeks old:)

31/7 Congratulations to the wonderful Rolex Kingston and Viggo Valentin!!! The brothers can now both call themselves International Premier:)))))
And at last new pictures of the kittens almost 12 weeks!
New pictures of Murphy and Orlando and Warsteiner on the front.

16/7 The kittens are 9 weeks, new pictures of them all:)

8/7 New plans!! Later this summer our girl Xaviera O'Hara is going to date the handsome Dalton:))

7/7 Almost on the right day, new pictures of the kittens who are now 8 weeks and just soo cute:) And congrats to Rolex Kingston who's got an other CAPIB:))

27/6 New pictures of our lovelies, 7 weeks and enjoying the summer:) Also Warsteiner on the front!!

21/6 6 weeks already, time flies:)

16/6 Murphy is PREMIER, Rolex and Viggo both got their CAPIB!!!! The kittens are 5 weeks now and they've been exploring the world so new pictures:))

7/6 A day early but still 4 week pictures of the babies!! Pictures of Murphy and Xaviera on the front. And Xaviera has been tested negativ for HCM:)

1/6 Our trio is now three weeks old!!

25/5 New pictures of the kittens, 2 weeks:))

18/5 The babies are 1 week already so new pictures on kittens! New showresults on the front. Among other things we've got three new Premiers:Zane, Viggo and Rolex, very well done boys!!! Xaviera got her second and third CAGCIB and a NOM:)

Also Phoenix has moved to his new home, good luck honey!!!

11/5 The new tigercubs are here!! Welcome to Tamzin, Tyler and Neytiri!!!

6/5 Xaviera is now Int Champion, she also got her first Cagcib and became NOM:) Made a few changes on some of the cats pages. Got beatiful pictures of the lovely Travis Hamilton, thank you Carro!! And the greatest news we're expecting babies!!! Tiger and Cornelius will have their kittens some times the next 7 days<3 Jippie!! Check out plans for more info.

21/4 Two weeks worth of showresults on the front! Murphy made his return as a neuter and did great:) Xaviera became Champion, got two Cacib and a NOM. Rolex and Viggo also made a comeback as neuters and did great:) And in Poland beautiful Phoenix Tristar got his fifth Cacs plus became BOV and NOM. All in all we're just so effing proud of our "babies"!!

14/3 Pictures of Phoenix and Orlando at six months!!!!

17/2 New pictures of our boys Phoenix and Orlando who are still looking for new homes!!

1/2 Went on show with the twins, ex2 and ex3 but still they did great:) Saw our girl Savanna Nix, oohh beautiful baby!! She became CAC, BOV and NOM:)
Also some new pictures of Orlando on the front.

A day in our life:)
Why such a big sofa people ask? Well these pictures explains it pretty well.
Xaviera, Phoenix, Warsteiner, Tiger, Orlando and Fanta (also not seen on the photo, Adina in the other end of the sofa) So seven cats plus two people, you need a big sofa...

16/1 Happy birthday Adina!!! Pictures of the part on the front:))

14/1 New pictures of our twins:) Orlando is still looking for a new home.
And sad news:,( Our Tiger got an infection, so no tigercubs this time but she's happy and healthy so well try again te next time she goes into heath.