SW'02 EC S* Aristo Limaz Shiva Shandra
Colour: g 24 Born: 18/6-02 Pedigree HCM-neg 06 & GSD IV Normal
Little miss purrfect, that's our Shiva. Princess, fairy, goddess divine, what can we say this girl loves to be adored. And why not adorable as she is? But don't let that pretty face fool you get on her bad side and she'll make you pay...
A bit of a diva you can just tell by looking at her that she knows she beautiful and special and wants to make sure that you know it too.
Shiva is a showgirl, has been ever since she was a baby and she got her first title at only five months when she became Scandinavian Winner. But, and it's a big but, Shiva is either in full coat condition and looks great or she looks like god knows what with big patches of..well not that much coat, and just guess which of those two she is most of the year?
She's not that big a girl but what she got is more the enough.

Mother of S* Zimexis litter 5, 6, 14, 17, 18, 20

Thank you Ingrid for our beautiful Shiva, she's all we hoped she would be!!











SW'02 EC S* Aristo Limaz Shiva Shandra

15 BOV, 11 NOM, 1 BOX, 2 BIS, 1 BIS-5
Titles: Scandinavian Winner 2002
European Champion